The Bachelors and Patricia Cahill

The Bachelors & Patricia Cahill
  1. Diamonds Are Forever
  2. Oh! What A Beautiful Mornin’
  3. The Impossible Dream
  4. And This Is My Beloved
  5. Tea For Two
  6. Why Do I Love You?
  7. Edelweiss
  8. Superstar
  9. Sunrise, Sunset
  10. If I Were A Bell
  11. One Hand, One Heart
  12. Darling Lili
  13. It’s A Grand Night For Singing
  14. Strange Music
  15. Easy To Be Hard
  16. Thank You Very Much

This duet with the Bachelors was at the end of a Summer Season we did together in Scarborough in Great Britain. A very glamorous show with plenty of glitz. The boys were from Dublin and we had known each other when they had been in Dublin.

We put together some lovely songs and went to London for the recording when the show closed. The orchestrations and the blending of the voices I think was very effective, and I know the boys were proud of this album as was I.

Thank you Declan, John, and Con.