Warm And Tender With Patricia

Warm and Tender with Patricia
  1. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  2. A Man And A Woman
  3. Love Is Blue
  4. Over And Over
  5. People
  6. The End Of The World
  7. The Shadow Of Your Smile
  8. I Wish You Love
  9. Where Is Love
  10. Through The Eyes Of A Child
  11. I Loved You Once In Silence
  12. Saturday Night At The World

What’s that cat doing in the picture? Well in actual fact he just appeared, jumped up and stayed on my lap. The absolute truth, good job I love animals ! We took this picture in a friend of a friend’s house.

We wanted a particular fireplace to give a sense of warmth, and the rocking chair helped but I think the cat made the picture. The songs were more of Musical Shows.